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Learn about the Core suite of products: Core extension, Core mobile, and Core web.

Core: What types of wallets does Core have?
How to transition from using the Avalanche® Wallet to Core web.
What are the differences between staking on Core mobile and Core web?
I transitioned from and do not see my previous stake activity.

How to share product feedback, report bugs, and request features in Core.
Core: How do I manage Seedless MFA?
Core: How do I refresh NFT Metadata?
Core: How can I access the Bitcoin address in a non-Core wallet?
Core: Why am I getting a Bridge Unavailable error?
Core: Why is my connection blocked?
What happens if I connect my Ledger to Core, and don’t see all of my accounts or funds?
Core extension: What if additional accounts are not showing a balance after re-installing?
Core extension: What do I do if my ledger disconnects from the extension?
Core extension: Seedless sign-up gives me a CORS policy error
Core extension: What are Ledger wallet policies?
Core extension: How can I use Core and Metamask at the same time?
Core extension: What is Cross-chain transaction signing?
Core web: Why is my Bitcoin balance showing zero when a transaction is pending?
Core web: Getting "An internal error was received" when trying to make a transaction
Core web: What if my cross-chain transaction didn't work?
Core web: Why I don't see all of my assets that I'm expecting to see?
Error: cannot parse the tx
How do I connect Core to Enclave Cross?
How do I connect Core to Benqi?
How do I connect Core to Trader Joe?
How do I use Core with Subnets (DFK)?
What derivation paths does Avalanche® use?
Upgrading the Avalanche app in Ledger
Secret Recovery Phrase is not working?
What are the official Avalanche wallets?
What is AvaGPT?
How can I view Core's error messages in the Chrome Console?
How do I add Core extension programmatically?
How to integrate Core into an application?