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Core web: How do I buy AVAX?
Core web: How do I buy AVAX?
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  1. Navigate to Core web and connect a wallet.

  2. In the Command Center, select the Buy tab.


  1. Enter the amount in the desired currency to spend.

  2. Select the Avalanche C-Chain token to be purchased.

  3. Choose the preferred method of payment.

  4. Click Buy AVAX and follow the prompts to enter the necessary information for OnRamper to complete the purchase.

NOTE: An optional step includes users being able to select the onramp service being used from fiat to crypto. Clicking on the conversion rate below the amount of AVAX being received will display the available onramps for the user's region and selected payment method.

MoonPay, Coinbase Pay, or Stripe

  1. In the Buy tab of the Command Center, toggle to Others and then select the prefered payment method.

  2. A pop will appear to notify users that they are about to proceed to a 3rd party payment service. Click Continue.

  3. Follow the Prompts in the pop up window to select the amount of AVAX to purchase, the payment method, and the KYC information needed.

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