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What do I do if I withdrew the "wrong" AVAX from an exchange?
What do I do if I withdrew the "wrong" AVAX from an exchange?
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Note: Gas fees and dApps on Avalanche only utilize AVAX that is on the C-Chain, not Binance pegged AVAX nor AVAX on the Polygon network. Users will likely need to obtain the chain's native fee asset to pay for transaction fees while returning their non-C-Chain AVAX to the original platform.

Users who need to convert their Binance pegged AVAX or AVAX on Polygon can follow the general steps to return the incorrect tokens for Avalanche native AVAX.

Add Binance or Polygon network to the Core extension using the following information.

  1. Add a custom Layer-2 network to Core. Use the following information for the networks:

    1. Polygon:

      1. Network RPC URL:

      2. Network Name: Polygon Mainnet

      3. Chain ID: 137

      4. Network Token Symbol: Matic

    2. Binance Smart Chain:

      1. Network Name: Smart Chain

      2. Chain ID: 56

      3. Network Token Symbol: BNB

  2. Once the appropriate network is added to Core, make that network the primary network.

  3. Return the non-C-Chain AVAX to their original source (for example, an exchange). Restart the withdrawal process and choose the Avalanche C-Chain network.

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