Is there an AVAX faucet?
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For Users

When joining a new network, you may have the issue of not having enough of the native token to pay for gas fees on your first transaction. Some blockchains use faucets to provide these. On Avalanche, you obtain these funds by bridging over $75 worth of assets on (the official bridge) to the Avalanche network. When you do this, you will be airdropped AVAX to help facilitate your first transaction. You do not receive an airdrop of AVAX for transaction fees if you are bridging from the Avalanche network to the Bitcoin or Ethereum networks.

For Developers

If you are a developer and using the testnet, there is a faucet to use. Here are the ways you can get the testnet tokens.

1. Developers can obtain testnet AVAX if they have any amount of AVAX on mainnet. No coupon is necessary with this method.
2. Developers can obtain the appropriate role on which provides a coupon.
3. Lastly, admins and mods on the official discord can provide testnet AVAX if developers are unable to obtain it from the above two options.

​Circle also provides Fuji USDC and EURC at

Note that these funds have no actual value and only work for the Fuji Network or a Subnet testnet.

To use the faucet for Testnet Fuji, click here.

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