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Core mobile: How do I use Stake?
Core mobile: How do I use Stake?
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Users within Core mobile can use the Stake feature to participate in securing the Avalanche® network. The Stake feature would allow users to add their Avalanche tokens (AVAX) to an existing validator. When locking tokens for a certain period of time, users will receive a share of the staking rewards that the validator receives from the protocol.

NOTE: To successfully stake, the user must have an available minimum of 25 AVAX within Core mobile.

1. Once connected, navigate to Stake

2. Followed by inputting a valid amount to delegate, select Next

NOTE: A minimum of 25 AVAX is required to delegate on the Avalanche Mainnet.

3. Next, set a staking duration.

  • The following options within the visual are based on the set of durations are able to delegate.

  • Select from various predefined durations, or opt for the "Custom" choice, allowing to specify the desired end date for the staking period.

NOTE: Estimates are provided for informational purposes only, without any representation, warranty or guarantee, and do not represent any assurance that you will achieve the same results. These estimates are based on a number of factors, including the amount delegated, uptime and staking period. Rewards are generated by the underlying protocol and estimated rewards are subject to change based on the underlying protocol. Please conduct your own research before delegating your tokens.

When opting for a custom date, pick a specific day from the pop-up calendar that falls within the minimum and maximum stake date range. Then select Next.

NOTE: The minimum staking duration for delegating is 14 days for Avalanche Mainnet.

Based on the user’s input parameters (the delegation amount and staking duration), Core mobile will display a node that satisfies these parameters. This node is selected at random from a list of nodes that satisfy these parameters. Note that at any time, users can select specific nodes by navigating to the Advanced Set Up option.

4. Lastly, users can access a summary of their staking information. Maintaining the flexibility to revisit and modify any entered details, cancel the delegation setup, or finalize the delegation process by selecting the Stake Now button.

5. Upon completion, users will be notified of the successful delegation. Review the transaction details using the Subnet Explorer or return to the Earn Dashboard for further actions.


The Knowledge Base, including all the Help articles on this site, is provided for technical support only, without representation, warranty, or guarantee of any kind. Nothing in the Knowledge Base constitutes an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy any security or other regulated financial instrument. Nothing in the Knowledge Base is meant to be technical, investment, financial, accounting, tax, legal or other advice; please consult your own professionals. Stake is a user-directed, self-custodial software that allows users to stake directly to a protocol and receive rewards directly from the protocol. Please conduct your own research before staking or delegating your tokens. Please review this Notice and the Terms of Use.

For any additional questions, please view our other knowledge base articles or contact a support team member via the chat button. Examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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