Download the Core extension from the Google Chrome web store. Once the Core Extension is installed, continue with the remaining steps.

Select "Create a New Wallet," and choose Recovery Phrase or Ledger for the new wallet.

Steps to create a new wallet using a recovery phrase

1. Select "Create a New Wallet" and enter the wallet name and password.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT share this with anyone else. No one at Ava Labs or Avalanche Foundation will EVER ask you for your Recovery Phrase, private keys, or password. If this information is given to another party, it will let them access the wallet, and this CAN NOT be reversed.

2. Record the Recovery Phrase that is displayed and, once it is safely stored, select “Next.”

3. Follow the steps to verify the Recovery Phrase.

4. After clicking "Next," the wallet has been created and can now be accessed via password or Recovery Phrase.

Steps to create a new wallet using a Ledger

1. Select "Access Existing Wallet," and then, select “Ledger.”

2. Select the Derivation path desired.

3. Ensure that the Derivation path is correct.

4. Select the account.

5. After confirmation, the wallet has been created and can be accessed with the Ledger.

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