Steps to access your existing EVM wallet with Core extension

1. Once the Core Extension is installed, select "Access Existing Wallet".

2. Now the option to access your existing wallet with your Recovery Phrase or Ledger appears.

3. When using your Recovery Phrase enter all 24 words in order with spaces between them.

It is very important to type the Recovery Phrase carefully and in the correct order. Do NOT share your Recovery Phrase with anyone else; it will give them access to your wallet and all of the crypto assets in your wallet, allowing them to steal everything. Once crypto assets move to a wallet you do not control, they are gone forever and no one can recover them for you.

Once the wallet is created, users can access their existing funds.

Steps to access your existing Ledger

1. Select "Access Existing Wallet," and then, select “Ledger.”

2. Select the Derivation path desired.

3. Ensure that the Derivation path is correct.

4. Select the account.

5. After confirmation, the wallet has been created and can be accessed with the Ledger.

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