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Core mobile: How do I create a new wallet?
Core mobile: How do I create a new wallet?
Written by Conor Leary
Updated over a week ago

Core mobile allows users to create a new wallet with a Google account, Apple account, or create a new recovery phrase.

To begin, go to either the Apple App Store or Google App Store to download the app.

Recovery Phrase

  1. Select Recovery Phrase to start a new wallet with a fresh recovery phrase.

  2. Record and verify the recovery phrase and store it safely.

  3. Create a wallet name.

  4. Create and verify a security PIN.

Google or Apple Account method

  1. Select the appropriate method that is needed.

  2. Add a recovery method (Passkey, Authenticator, or Yubikey).

NOTE: At least one method is required. Please view the rest of the article to view how to do so.


If choosing the Passkey method, users can add a Passkey to set a recovery method.

  1. Click the Passkey option.

  2. Begin setup of the Passkey.

  3. To set up the Passkey users will need to enable Apple iCloud Keychain.

    NOTE: Users can opt to activate FaceID also.


  1. Click the Yubikey option.

  2. Begin setup of the Yubikey by bringing it near or connecting it to the phone.

  3. Name the Yubikey and save.


  1. Click the Authenticator option.

  2. Users can manually copy the key and set up their Authenticator app of choice or use the QR code option to do so.

  3. Once set up, users will need to verify the code from the Authenticator app to complete the process.

  4. Finally, set up a security PIN and the process will be complete.

Viewing the recovery phrase

1. To view the recovery phrase, go to the Menu and select “Security & Privacy”.

2. Then select “Show Recovery Phrase”.

3. Now the Recovery phrase associated with the account will be shown following password/PIN input.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT share this with anyone else. No one at Ava Labs or Avalanche Foundation will EVER ask you for your Recovery Phrase, private keys, or password. If this information is given to another party, it will let them access the wallet, and this CAN NOT be reversed.

To view a narrated version of this tutorial, please check out the YouTube video here.

Core's generated seed phrase is universal, not limited to specific VMs. Unlike typical ERC-4337 wallets on the market today which are limited to EVMs only, Core supports Avalanche X/C/P chains, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any EVM chain.

Enhanced security Wallet keys are stored in a cloud-secure enclave, protected with multi-factor authentication methods. Compatible with authentication apps like PassKey or YubiKey, it minimizes phishing risks as both login details & a physical device are needed for access.

Partnership with Cubist Utilizing their Cubesigner protocol, we've added extra safeguards against attacks like SIM swapping.

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