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How do I fund my wallet with Ethereum assets?
How do I fund my wallet with Ethereum assets?
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Another way to bridge Ethereum to the Avalanche Network to fund the wallet is to use the official Avalanche Bridge.

Note: When sending over $75 worth of assets from Ethereum Network to Avalanche Network, the wallet will be airdropped a small amount of AVAX to make your first transaction.

1. Go to to connect a wallet to the bridge.

2. Once the wallet is connected, select ETH and input the amount for the transfer. Click, "Transfer" to begin bridging. Ensure that there is enough ETH in the wallet leftover to cover the gas fee otherwise the transaction will not go through.

3. When bridging ETH there are two transactions that must take place.

Step 1: Converts the ETH to WETH.

Step 2: Bridges the WETH to the Avalanche Network.

Both transactions will need to be approved in the wallet.

NOTE: When WETH is moved over to the Avalanche Network it will show as WETH.e. Ethereum assets will have the ".e" designation to represent that it was bridged over.

4. Once both transactions have been approved, then the bridging process will begin. Please ensure that the WETH.e contract address is added to the Avalanche Network as a custom token within the wallet. This will display the WETH.e there once the bridging has been completed. WETH.e contract address can be found here.

5. When this process is completed, the Transaction Details will appear at the bottom of the desktop window and can also be viewed on Explorer.

6. Important details to note about bridging ETH to the Avalanche C-Chain:

  • WETH.e is wrapped Ethereum on the Avalanche C-Chain network.

  • In order to move WETH.e back to the Ethereum Network, it MUST be bridged back using

  • DO NOT send WETH.e to an Ethereum deposit address that does not have C-Chain compatibility as the funds will be lost. These funds are unable to be returned when sent to the incorrect network.

  • Take special care when transferring Stablecoins. The following article explains how the process may differ compared to moving AVAX.

Bridged assets can now be swapped for other Avalanche native assets. To learn more about how please see the following article.

For a more in-depth read on how the Avalanche Bridge works, please read the following articles.

For any additional questions, please view our other knowledge base articles or contact a support team member via the chat button. Examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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