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What are the differences between staking on Core mobile and Core web?
What are the differences between staking on Core mobile and Core web?
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Core mobile aims to provide a simpler staking experience for users. There are a handful of features that differentiate the staking experience that users should make sure they understand:

1. Core mobile does not have Ledger connectivity. For users who wish to stake their AVAX with a Ledger, they should do so on Core web’s Stake.

2. Core mobile will only allow users to delegate AVAX, not validate. Users interested in validation should proceed to Core web’s Stake and check out this tutorial.

3. Users of Core mobile will automatically be presented with a node from a list of nodes that satisfy the user-provided stake amount and duration (Core will default the delegation fee and uptime requirement). Users can always manually select a specific node via the “Advanced Set Up” button on the duration screen. There, users can enter their Minimum Uptime and Maximum Delegation Fee preferences and will then be presented with a list of filtered nodes to choose from.

Note: For validators to receive and payout rewards, their uptime needs to be 80% or higher for their validation period.

4. Users will not be able to transfer their tokens cross-chain through Core mobile stake manually. For staking purposes, Core mobile will handle cross-chain transferring funds as needed.

“Claiming” AVAX in Core mobile’s stake section will transfer available AVAX from the P-Chain to the C-Chain. This will make the AVAX visible in the Portfolio section. P-Chain AVAX will not be seen in the Core mobile Portfolio.

For users who want to cross-chain their own AVAX, they can do so here in Core web. For more information, check out this tutorial.

5. If users have previously used the Avalanche wallet, their P-Chain funds may be on a dynamic address. Core web will aggregate all previously used dynamic P-Chain addresses for users to be able to see all of their funds in one singular location. If users are trying to stake on Core mobile and do not see their full P-Chain balance, they should proceed to Core web’s Stake to delegate from there.


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