Stablecoins such as USDC have different versions of their coin on various networks with the same token name. They are not interchangeable with one another. For example, there is Ethereum Native USDC and Binance Native USDC.

If one accidentally sends Avalance Native USDC to an unsupported platform, one will not be able to recover the funds until the platform supports Avalanche Native USDC. The funds are not lost, however, they are stranded.

For example, if a user sends Avalanche Native USDC to a USDC address on Coinbase Pro - which does not currently support Avalanche Native USDC. The funds will arrive on the Coinbase Pro side but will not be recoverable until they support Avalanche Native USDC.

In the meantime, to use a platform that does not support Avalance Native Stablecoins, swap them for a coin or token that is supported by the platform. AVAX will be the most popular option. For examples of how to send Stablecoins, please review this article.

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