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Why can’t I get more USDC.e?

With the integration of CCTP, the Avalanche Bridge™ will now support Circle’s native USDC bridge. With this integration, users can get Avalanche native USDC from Ethereum native USDC. Gone are the days of liquidity fragmentation.

The Avalanche Bridge will no longer allow new USDC.e onboards.

Note: USDC.e offboards from Avalanche to Ethereum will still be enabled.

How do I bridge Ethereum native USDC to Avalanche?

Users can still bridge Ethereum native USDC using the Bridge. Instead of receiving USDC.e on the Avalanche network, users will now receive Avalanche native USDC.

Where can I get Avalanche native USDC?

Users can get Avalanche native USDC from Coinbase, Binance, or a DEX on the Avalanche network. Core also has a built-in swap function that will allow users to swap for USDC.

USDC exists on multiple blockchains (e.g., Avalanche, Ethereum, Binance, etc.). When sending Avalanche native USDC, please make sure that the exchange or wallet you are sending to accepts USDC on the Avalanche C-Chain. Otherwise, your assets may not be received, and may not be recoverable. This is the same for when you send from an exchange to your wallet. The native tokens network must match for it to properly be received so please double-check before sending. Once this is verified, you can easily use the ‘Send’ functionality within your wallet to send your Avalanche native USDC tokens to the wallet address on the exchange.

How do I send Avalanche native USDC from Coinbase to my Avalanche wallet?

Please ensure you are sending USDC on the Avalanche C-Chain to ensure it arrives on the Avalanche network.

What happens if I forget to swap my USDC.e and it gets deprecated?

Once USDC.e is deprecated, the Avalanche Bridge will allow users to offboard existing USDC.e from the Avalanche C-Chain back to the Ethereum Network only. Users will not be able to onboard new USDC.e. In other words, users must onboard their Native Ethereum USDC for USDC.e on the Avalanche C-Chain Network.

How is USDC.e different from Avalanche native USDC?

USDC.e is an Ethereum asset that was bridged using the Avalanche Bridge. All Ethereum assets that are bridged over receive a “.e” designation. Circle products do NOT support USDC.e. Users cannot send USDC.e to a Circle deposit address, use USDC.e in the Circle APIs, or deposit USDC.e into a Circle Account and off-ramp back to fiat currency (see here for more details).

On the other hand, Avalanche native USDC is issued by Circle, and users can send Avalanche native USDC to a Circle deposit address.

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