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Core extension: How do I see my DeFi assets?
Core extension: How do I see my DeFi assets?
Written by Lavinia Talpas
Updated over a week ago

Decentralized finance (Defi) refers to an ecosystem of digital assets, smart contracts, protocols, and decentralized apps (dApps). DeFi specifically sets out to re-architect traditional financial services using blockchain technology and provides users with open, accessible financial services such as lending, asset trading, prediction platforms, insurance, and more.

The DeFi Aggregator lets users see the tokens they have deposited into DeFi smart contracts (i.e. pooling, lending, staking, farming, etc.) within the Core extension.

To see the DeFi assets, select the DeFi tab, located on the right side of the Core extension.

After clicking on it, a new page opens up within the extension, displaying all the current DeFi investments from that account. There is a little logo next to each of them, showing the network on which that investment was made.

Clicking on one of the options will provide a detailed look at the Defi Assets.

When clicking on the square with an arrow icon, the dApp page will open up. Users can also connect their wallet to the dApp and interact with it there.

A user's DeFi assets are reflected on the Assets tab too. For example, if AVAX is staked on a dApp, that amount will be shown in Assets. Another example would be borrowed assets. If, let's say, USDC is borrowed, the borrowed amount shows in Assets, but the debt variables will show too.

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