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How do I add Subnet information to the explorer?
How do I add Subnet information to the explorer?
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The explorer allows projects to submit information about their smart contract to be displayed on their address page on the explorer. Users will be able to show their token name, logo, description, social links, etc… Developers will be able to showcase their contracts for easy user readability. Only verified contracts will be able to submit contract info.

This improves the customization and configurability available to users and contract deployers. They are now able to display business-level information. It provides extra confidence to users that they are interacting with the correct contract and enables deployers to better advertise their project’s offering.

Functional Details

Contract verification and contract info submission serve as a means for developers to display to users all of the needed details around an on-chain smart contract.

Contract Verification enables contract deployers to display source code on the contract’s explorer address page. This allows users to audit and verify the functionality and purpose of the smart contract. This is powered by Sourcify. This is an automated process.

Contract info submission allows deployers of contracts verified in the above contract verification process to submit display info for users to read. This can be the contract’s name, logo, description, symbol, resource links, etc… Note:

  • Submissions are reviewed prior to publication

  • Only verified contracts can submit contract info

  • Only the deployers of the verified contracts can submit contract info

Procedure to submit contract info

Before beginning, verify the source code of your deployed contract here.

  1. Select the intended subnet and contract here.

  2. Confirm contract ownership through either signing with web3 or signing manually.

    • Signing with web3 requires the user to connect with their web3 wallet extension, such as Core.

    • Signing manually requires the user manually pastes in the message signature. You can generate message signatures here.

  3. Enter information relevant to the contract. Some fields are optional in submission, while others are required.

  4. Submit info

  5. At this stage, submitted information will be reviewed before it is published on the contract’s address page on the explorer

  6. Contract info can be updated at any time using the same submission path

Note: Information can be updated by the contract deployer at any time but will require further review.

For any additional questions, please view our other knowledge base articles or contact a support team member via the chat button. Examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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