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Explorer: How do I manage Smart Contracts?
Explorer: How do I manage Smart Contracts?
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Users are now able to verify and manage their smart contracts directly through the Avalanche Subnet Explorer. Smart contract verification allows users to access and verify the source code, promoting user confidence in the functionality of the smart contracts they engage with. Meanwhile, submitting info about the smart contract enables contract owners to provide essential details, fostering trust and transparency.

1. Navigate to the Manage Smart Contracts tool in the Explorer.

2. Connect the wallet that was used to deploy the smart contract.

Previously deployed smart contracts will be displayed here. Contracts already verified will have a green icon. This tutorial will look at how to verify and edit the information provided for smart contracts.

Verify the smart contract

1. Click on the Verify button next to the deployed contract or the Verify Contract button near the top of the screen.

NOTE: Any smart contract can be verified with the proper information, it does not have to belong to the connected wallet.

2. If not already populated, add the Network and Contract Address information of the contract being verified. Upload the contract's metadata file and any necessary source files below. Once the information is added, click Submit Verification.

3. Once verified, users will see more information about their smart contracts. If the smart contract was deployed by the connected wallet, users will see an option to Edit Contract Info or return to the previous screen.

NOTE: Avalanche® uses Sourcify to compile and verify contracts behind the scenes. A verified contract does not certify the security, performance, or integrity of the smart contract. Nor is it an endorsement of the contract or its owner.

Edit contract information

NOTE: Editing contract information is only available for previously verified contracts deployed by the currently connected wallet. If the contract has not been verified yet, please perform the listed steps above.

1. If editing immediately after verifying a contract, click on the Edit Contract Info button.

If selecting a contract to edit from the main contract management page, click Edit Info next to the contract.

2. Users will then be able to add or adjust the smart contract info of their choice.

3. Once the information is ready, click Submit. Users will be prompted to sign a transaction verifying that they are submitting this information for review. After reviewing, click Sign.

4. After signing the transaction, a successful submission pop-up will appear, and the contract information has been submitted to the Product Support team for review.

Verify a smart contract programmatically

These are two separate tools with different verification mechanisms.
To verify on, users can either go to and verify their contract. Alternatively, to verify a contract using hardhat on they can reference the following document.

For any additional questions, please view our other knowledge base articles or contact a support team member via the chat button. Examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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