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Core web: How do I use the Airdrop tool?
Core web: How do I use the Airdrop tool?

How to use Core web's airdrop tool.

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Core web's Airdrop tool is a self-serve user-friendly promotions and airdrop tool to allow users to seamlessly distribute tokens by leveraging the underlying data sources managed and developed by Ava Labs.

  1. Select the token to airdrop and the total amount of the token to distribute. The total amount will be divided among total recipients.

  2. Populate the list of recipients to airdrop tokens to. Please expand one of the drop downs below for more instructions on how to populate the recipients.

  3. Click Submit.

  4. Click Deploy Airdrop Contract. The connected wallet will be prompted to Approve the contract deployment.

  5. Click Approve Airdrop Contract to Send Tokens. The connected wallet will be prompted to Approve the send transaction.

  6. Click Airdrop Tokens. The connected wallet will be prompted to Approve the airdrop.

  7. Click Done to close the airdrop pop up.

How do I enter the recipients manually?

  1. Collect the list of EVM addresses to send the airdrop to.

  2. Enter the addresses with either a comma, space, or new line separating them.

How do I use the recipients query tool?

  1. Select query type. Users can query by ERC-20 tokens, an NFT contract address, or by Native Token holders.

  2. Select the ERC-20 token or the NFT contract address token to filter by. If users select Native Token, it will automatically populate AVAX.

  3. If selecting Native Token or ERC-20, enter the Minimum Amount of that token to be held by the queried addresses.

    1. Example: Users want to filter addresses that only hold more than 100 USDC.

  4. Select a time frame for the token or NFT being held in the address. Users can choose Any Time in Date Range, Every Day in Date Range, or Currently.

    1. If selecting either date range, enter the Start Date and End Date for the query.

  5. Users can Test the Query to see how many addresses are included.

  6. Once satisfied, users can Confirm the Query.

  7. When done creating queries, click Airdrop to x addresses.

Users have the option to create multiple queries. After confirming the first query, a Next Query option becomes available. To add the additional query, repeat the steps above to fill out the new set of parameters.

NOTE: When using multiple queries, users have the option of using the following conditions: AND or OR. This allows the user to decide if they want the airdrop recipients to meet BOTH (or all, if more than two queries), OR meet only one of the query parameters specified.

How do I upload the CSV file?

  1. Click on the CSV file option.

  2. Select the file.

  3. Click Open.


  • This tool is only available compatible with Core extension, Core mobile, and direct Ledger connection to Core web.

  • This tool is only available for the Avalanche C-Chain Mainnet.

  • Only EVM addresses are supported. Entering any other address format will be skipped during the airdrop process.

  • A maximum of 10,000 addresses can be airdropped to at one time.

  • If a large number of addresses is being airdropped to, the user may need to approve multiple send token transactions.

For any additional questions, please view our other knowledge base articles or contact a support team member via the chat button. Examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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