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Core: How do I manage Seedless MFA?
Core: How do I manage Seedless MFA?
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Users can now add multiple and remove extra MFA options within their Seedless wallet in Core extension and Core mobile on iOS and Android. To learn more about Core's Seed Abstraction, please check out this technical blog.

Adding an additional MFA option

  1. Navigate to Menu > Security & Privacy > Recovery Methods

  2. Click + Add Recovery Method.

  3. Select the additional MFA to add to the wallet.

  4. Name the new MFA method.

  5. Verify the addition of the new MFA method by using the original MFA method in the wallet.

Removing an MFA option

  1. Navigate to Menu > Security & Privacy > Recovery Methods

  2. Select the MFA method to remove.

  3. Click Remove.

  4. Verify the deletion of the MFA method with the other MFA method remaining in the wallet as prompted.

Exporting the recovery phrase

  1. Navigate to Menu > Security & Privacy > Export Recovery Phrase

  2. Click Next.

  3. Users will only have 48 hours to save their recovery phrase after it is exported. Click Next to confirm.

  4. After 48 hours, the Recovery Phrase will be visible in the Settings Menu.

NOTE: Users must have at least one recovery method enabled to export their recovery phrase.


  1. If users set up MFA in their Seedless wallet PRIOR TO April 2nd, 2024, they will not be able to remove all MFA methods and are required to have at least 1 in their wallet.

  2. Users are not able to add multiple Authenticator apps into the same wallet. They can, however, change which Authenticator app that they use.

  3. Users who create a Seedless wallet AFTER April 2nd, 2024, are given the option to bypass adding recovery MFA options in their wallet.

For any additional questions, please view our other knowledge base articles or contact a support team member via the chat button. Examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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