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Explorer: How do I use the X-Chain Explorer?
Explorer: How do I use the X-Chain Explorer?
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The X-Chain (Exchange Chain) is the default asset blockchain on Avalanche® and enables the creation of new assets, exchange between assets, and cross-Subnet transfers. This blockchain is for applications that don’t require total ordering (for total ordering, use the Contract Chain). The X-Chain implements the Avalanche consensus protocol.

Note: When using these addresses, it is best practice to follow case sensitivity.

Learn more about all Avalanche blockchains here and view the X-Chain API docs here.

Main tab

The main view shares information about the latest X-Chain blocks, transactions, and generic chain information.

When clicking on a specific block, the following information will appear:

Details tab

The Details tab shares more information about transactions on the X-Chain and current network validators.

Viewing an address

To view an address on the X-Chain explorer, paste the address into the search bar.

After clicking on the address, information on balances and transactions will appear.

Viewing a transaction

To view a transaction, users can paste the transaction ID into the search bar or click on a recent transaction on the Explorer overview.

Once clicked, the following transaction information appears.

Looking at cross-chain transactions

Cross-chain transactions happen in a two-step process: exporting from the origination chain and importing on the destination chain.

For example, a cross-chain transfer being imported onto the X-Chain would look like this:

Additionally, a cross-chain transfer exporting from the X-Chain would look like this:

For any additional questions, please view our other knowledge base articles or contact a support team member via the chat button. Examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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