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Core web: DeFi Portfolio Aggregator
Core web: DeFi Portfolio Aggregator
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The DeFi portfolio aggregator has been added to Core web, and enables users to see detailed information regarding their DeFi investments in multiple chains across different smart contracts, dApps, and protocols.

This means users will be able to see their LP tokens, liquid staked assets, borrow/lending rewards, and yield farming investments. DeFi power users will receive more than just their token asset information.

Previously, a user could only see the tokens they held in Core web. Now, a user can see what LP or rewards tokens they hold directly in the combined portfolio view. This will showcase what smart contracts their wallets have invested in, and display an estimated current value of those investments.

The DeFi Portfolio Aggregator gives users a more accurate, and wholistic view of their portfolio.

1. Navigate to Core web, and connect a wallet.

2. Once connected, tokens will be displayed in the Portfolio overview, and additionally a DeFi Investments overview will now be shown for LP tokens, liquid staked assets, borrow/lending rewards, and yield farming investments.

3. Users can scroll down in the portfolio overview to the DeFi Investments section, and sort by Lending, Staked, Leveraged/Farming, Yield, and Pools.

5. Tokens with Small Balances can be toggled On/Off via the controls menu in Core web.

6. The Core web DeFi Portfolio Aggregator enables users to search, and view other wallet addresses independent from their own wallet too. Enter the wallet address/ENS in the search bar or use the shortcut 'Command K' to view other DeFi portfolios across the blockchain ecosystem

For any additional questions, please view our other knowledge base articles or contact a support team member via the chat button.

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