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Core extension: How do I change networks?
Core extension: How do I change networks?
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  1. Make sure Core extension is installed, logged in, and unlocked.

  2. Favorited networks will be visible on the main portfolio screen. To view and manage all networks, click on the network icon in the top right of the screen and click Manage Networks, or click View All Networks at the bottom of the favorite network list.

  3. Click on Networks. From here, networks can be added or removed from the favorites list to view on the main portfolio page.

  4. Users can click on a network from the networks list to make it the active network, or return to the portfolio screen by clicking the back arrow next to Networks and selecting a network from there.

To view a narrated version of this tutorial, please check out the YouTube video here.

For any additional questions, please view our other knowledge base articles or contact a support team member via the chat button. Examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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