Yes, the Bridge Nodes perform periodic key rollovers as a routine proactive security measure, including whenever new Bridge Nodes are added or removed. When this key rollover occurs, the Bridge Nodes rotate their key shards and the bridge collateral is moved to the new corresponding address.

As noted here, anyone attempting to use the Avalanche Bridge without going through the UI could potentially lose their funds if they send tokens to an old address no longer used by the bridge. To ensure the safety of users and the protection of their funds, the Avalanche Bridge should only be accessed and used through the UI, located here.

As noted here, the BTC Bridge is ONLY currently available through the Core Wallet Extension. Do not attempt to use any wallet other than the Core Wallet Extension for BTC bridging – you may lose all your funds.

For a more in-depth read on how the Avalanche Bridge works, please read the following articles.

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