On Avalanche®, transaction fees are paid in the native asset, AVAX. In order to send transactions on the Avalanche C-Chain, you must have sufficient AVAX in your wallet to cover the cost of the gas for the transaction.

Similar to bridging from the Ethereum network, when users bridge $75 or more of assets from the Bitcoin network to the Avalanche network, a portion of AVAX will be airdropped to help pay for initial transactions. AVAX is used to pay for gas on the Avalanche C-Chain and is needed to perform on-chain actions. The amount airdropped should help users get started.

To help you get started on Avalanche, the bridge will airdrop you a small amount of AVAX if you move more than $75 (subject to change) worth of tokens over from Bitcoin. In order to avoid running out of AVAX to cover your transaction fees, we recommend first obtaining an adequate amount of AVAX. You can acquire AVAX on Pangolin or any other exchange.

For a more in-depth read on how the Avalanche Bridge works, please read the following articles.

For any additional questions, please visit our knowledge base or contact a support team member via the chat button at support.avax.network.

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