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Where can I actually bridge my BTC to Avalanche®?
Where can I actually bridge my BTC to Avalanche®?
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Users can download the Core browser extension, use Core web, or use Core mobile for Android or iOS. BTC bridging with the Avalanche Bridge™ is not supported with Metamask or any other wallet. This is because Core was custom-built to support Bitcoin and the Avalanche Bridge™ and to handle the technical problems of linking Bitcoin and EVM chains within a wallet. See here for more details on how to bridge BTC. Do not attempt to use any wallet other than the Core for BTC bridging – you may lose all your funds.

To learn more about the BTC bridge, please read the BTC bridge FAQ.

For a more in-depth read on how the Avalanche Bridge works, please read the following articles.

For any additional questions, please view our other knowledge base articles or contact a support team member via the chat button. Examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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