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What happens if I connect my Ledger to Core, and don’t see all of my accounts or funds?
What happens if I connect my Ledger to Core, and don’t see all of my accounts or funds?
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Ledger Live now supports the Avalanche C-Chain and some of its tokens natively in its UI. With this addition, users can create and fund accounts directly in Ledger Live without connecting to a third-party wallet. If the user connects their Ledger to Core web directly after doing so, they will likely not see their funds.

This balance inconsistency stems from Ledger Live and Core web (and the previous Avalanche wallet) using two different derivation paths for Ledger address generation. Ledger live uses the Ledger Live derivation path, and Core web’s direct Ledger connection uses the BIP44 derivation path.

What do Derivation paths and addresses have to do with this?

When using a Ledger Nano X/S, one must understand that different derivation paths exist. Each derivation path can create wallet addresses unique to that path.

If a user has multiple Avalanche C-Chain accounts on their Ledger, the primary address is the same on both the Ledger Live and BIP44 paths, however, any additional accounts will have different addresses as shown below.

If a user funds their Ledger with one derivation path and connects to a wallet with the other, they will not be able to view all of their expected addresses and associated funds. The drop downs below will share more information on each derivation path and how users can access their AVAX and interact with the X/P-Chains if they so choose.

I funded my Ledger through the Avalanche wallet or Core extension/web.

When connecting a Ledger directly to Core web, it will use the BIP44 derivation path when deriving the Ledger addresses. This derivation path was also used when connecting directly to the Avalanche wallet. Users who transitioned from the Avalanche wallet should not have an issue seeing their funds when connected directly to Core web.

Users are also able to connect their Ledger to Core extension, and then connect Core extension to Core web. When accessing an existing account, make sure to use the (default) BIP44 derivation path during the Core extension onboarding workflow.

I funded my Ledger through Ledger Live.

Addresses and funds created through Ledger Live will be found on the Ledger Live derivation path. Users who connect their Ledger devices directly to Core web will NOT be able to see these addresses or funds. Users who want to access their X/P-Chain addresses to cross-chain or stake their AVAX should do the following:

  1. Download the Core extension on Chrome.

  2. When accessing an existing wallet, click on the Derivation Path drop-down after selecting the Ledger device, and choose Ledger Live (not BIP44, the default option).

  3. Users will then see the first 3 derived addresses for their Ledger on the Ledger Live derivation path, which will match the addresses seen in the Ledger Live UI.

  4. After completing the onboarding workflow, users will be redirected to Core web with the Core extension connected.

  5. Users can follow these Validating, Delegating, or Cross-Chaining tutorials depending on how they wish to use their AVAX.

How do I change derivation paths in Core extension?

  1. With Core extension locked, click on Forgot Password? And then click Yes. There is no recovery phrase to store at this step, as the Ledger is how the wallet was originally accessed.

For any additional questions, please view our other knowledge base articles or contact a support team member via the chat button. Examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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