What is a Subnet EVM?
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Avalanche® is a network composed of multiple blockchains. Each blockchain is an instance of a Virtual Machine (VM), much like an object in an object-oriented language is an instance of a class. That is, the VM defines the behavior of the blockchain.

Subnet EVM is the Virtual Machine (VM) that defines the Subnet Contract Chains. Subnet EVM is a simplified version of Coreth VM (C-Chain).

This chain implements the Ethereum Virtual Machine and supports Solidity smart contracts as well as most other Ethereum client functionality.

The Subnet EVM runs in a separate process from the main AvalancheGo process and communicates with it over a local gRPC connection.

To learn more about Subnets please read the following article.

For any additional questions, please visit our knowledge base or contact a support team member via the chat button at support.avax.network.

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