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Core extension: How do I use an existing MetaMask wallet?
Core extension: How do I use an existing MetaMask wallet?
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Core extension implements a wide array of features and it can be used right away by accessing an existing MetaMask Wallet rather than creating an entirely new wallet. The Core extension is EVM compatible, meaning the Recovery Phrase for a MetaMask wallet can be used to access Core.

NOTE: This means that the Recovery Phrase could be simultaneously used on both MetaMask and Core.

  1. Download Core from the Google Chrome extension store.

  2. Copy the MetaMask wallet Recovery Phrase.

    DISCLAIMER: DO NOT share this with anyone else. No one at Ava Labs or Avalanche Foundation will EVER ask you for the Recovery Phrase. If this information is given to another party, it will let them access the wallet, and this CAN NOT be reversed.

  3. Open Core extension and hover over Access Existing Wallet. From there, select Recovery Phrase.

  4. Paste or type the Recovery Phrase from MetaMask here, and click Next.

  5. Name the wallet and create a password to access Core. The password should not be shared with anyone else and no one from Ava Labs or Avalanche Foundation will ever ask you for this information.

    It is very important to type the Recovery Phrase carefully and in the correct order. Do NOT share your Recovery Phrase with anyone else; it will give them access to your wallet and all of the crypto assets in your wallet, allowing them to steal everything. Once crypto assets move to a wallet you do not control, they are gone forever and no one can recover them for you.

    If the password is forgotten, users can reset the recovery phrase for Core extension and use it to set up the wallet again and create a new password.

To view a narrated version of this tutorial, please check out the Youtube video here.

For any additional questions, please view our other knowledge base articles or contact a support team member via the chat button. Examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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