What is AvalancheGo?

Ava Labs explains the purpose of AvalancheGo in the Avalanche blockchain ecosystem and the various features it includes for developers.

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AvalancheGo is the official Go implementation of Avalanche®, giving Web3 developers maximum flexibility, composability, and efficiency. It provides a full suite of JSON RPCs for interacting with virtual machine APIs on Avalanche. AvalancheGo also offers a local KeyStore, metrics, IPC, and Admin APIs for interacting with the node itself.

AvalancheGo’s Banff update redefines blockchain scaling. Banff introduces Elastic Subnets and Elastic Validation, allowing Subnet operators to activate PoS validation and uptime-based rewards using their own token on their own Subnets, and to fully customize staking parameters. Banff lets any Avalanche validator become a Subnet validator.

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