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What is AvaGPT?
What is AvaGPT?
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Core web features an AI chatbot that is trained on our developer and user knowledge base. This provides users with another way to learn about our ecosystem and how to build upon it.

  1. Click on the red AvaGPT icon in the bottom right corner.

  2. Type in the question and hit enter / send. AvaGPT will provide an animation to show that it is searching our documentation.

  3. If users have additional questions beyond what AvaGPT can answer, they can reach the Product Support team directly by clicking Contact Support.

Important Notices and Disclaimers

Neither Ava Labs, Inc. nor anyone else in the Avalanche community ("we," or "us") is responsible for the content found in this chat or takes any responsibility for or certifies any information provided by the chatbot as correct, worthy, or accurate. We assume no responsibility to moderate, monitor, or respond to anything written in this chat. All information provided in this chat is for informational purposes only, without representations, warranties, or guarantees of any kind.

For any additional questions, please view our other knowledge base articles or contact a support team member via the chat button. Examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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