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How do I add Core extension programmatically?
How do I add Core extension programmatically?
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Powered by Avalanche, Core is an all-in-one operating system bringing together Avalanche apps, Subnets, bridges, and NFTs in one seamless, high-performance browser experience. Putting it another way, Core is more than a wallet. It is a curated operating system combining Wallet, Explorer, Bridge, Subnets, dApps, and more.

Getting a dApp ready to connect to Core is made simple with pre-built tools from the Core Team.

First, download and install the Core browser extension from here.

avalanche-dapp-sdks contains an example of how to connect via @web3-react/core to the Core extension specifically.

git clone [email protected]:ava-labs/avalanche-dapp-sdks.git
cd avalanche-dapp-sdks
yarn bootstrap

cd packages/web3-react-core-connector
npm start

Load "http://localhost:3000/" on your browser, and click on the "Connect Avalanche" button on the page below:


  • Check out the README to see details on how this works in more detail.

  • This Google Drive has the assets needed to create a Connect with Core button.

For further discussion on any questions, problems, or ideas on how to improve or simply want to join our developer community Discord server.

For any additional questions, please view our other knowledge base articles or contact a support team member via the chat button. Examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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