Core now offers the ability to bridge BTC to the Avalanche network. Download the Core Extension here (full instructions here).


  • BTC Bridging is ONLY available through the Core Extension.

  • The Bridge Web UI ( does not currently support Core Extension, but full support is coming soon.

The Core Extension will need to have Bitcoin (BTC) before bridging over assets.

Bridging BTC to Avalanche

1. Select the network to move assets from. The image below shows the three possible networks (Avalanche, Ethereum, and Bitcoin). In our example, we will select “Bitcoin”.

2. Enter the amount of Bitcoin to Bridge over, and select "Transfer".

3. Once the BTC has been successfully bridged over, it will appear in your Bitcoin Portfolio.

The Core extension supports bridging between the Avalanche C-chain and Bitcoin.

While the Core extension supports bridging between the Avalanche C-chain and Ethereum, it does not currently support interacting with the Ethereum blockchain or displaying your Ethereum assets. That means you won’t be able to use the Core Extension to interact with your Ethereum assets on the Ethereum blockchain. However, we are building that functionality and look forward to releasing it soon.

As a reminder, there are two distinct types of fees for the BTC Bridge:

  1. Network fees, known as BTC transaction (Tx) fees for the BTC Bridge.

  2. Fees that are charged by the Bridge to the user (also known as Bridge Toll).

If the transaction is not going through, this may be due to an inadequate amount of BTC to cover the fees. Please check before sending to ensure there is enough BTC to cover the fees.

For any additional questions regarding the BTC Bridge, please visit the following page.

For any additional questions, please visit our knowledge base or contact a support team member via the chat button at

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