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Core extension: What settings can I find in the menu?
Core extension: What settings can I find in the menu?
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The settings found in Core extension’s menu offer multiple customizable features and security preferences for the wallet. Please view the drop-down sections below to view what settings are available in each section.

Core Web

Connecting Core extension to Core web gives users access to their X and P-Chain funds to delegate, validate, cross-chain transfer AVAX, and so much more! Clicking Core Web will redirect users to Core web to connect their wallet.

Address Book

  1. Click Address Book.

  2. Click + to create a new address.

  3. Give the address a name and enter the EVM and/or BTC addresses.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Clicking on an address gives users the ability to edit and delete it.


  • It is very important to select the correct address for the transaction. A mistake in the address will result in tokens or collectibles being permanently and irreversibly sent to the wrong person/wallet/exchange.

  • No one at Ava Labs or the Avalanche Foundation can recover tokens sent to the incorrect address or reverse any transactions on the blockchain.


  1. Click Currency.

  2. Select the currency to use as the default currency in Core extension.


  1. Click Language.

  2. Select the preferred language.


  1. Click Advanced.

  2. Users can toggle Testnet Mode on and off.

  3. Users can choose for Core extension to show tokens with 0 balance on the main portfolio screen.

Security & Privacy

  1. Click Privacy & Security.

  2. Users can view and disconnect from connected sites by clicking Connected Sites.

  3. Users can change the password used to unlock Core extension under Change Password.

  4. Users can view the recovery phrase associated with this wallet by clicking Show Recovery and entering their password.

  5. Users can choose to toggle on/off participation in Core Analytics.

  6. Users can reset Core extension and log their current wallet out by clicking Reset Secret Recovery Phrase.

Send Feedback

Users can submit feedback to the Core team by clicking Send Feedback and then choosing to Report a Bug or Product Feedback & Feature Requests.


After clicking the Legal option, users can view Core’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Help Center

Clicking Help Center will direct users to the Avalanche Knowledge Base.

Lock Core

Clicking Lock Core will close Core extension and revert to the locked screen where users can enter their password or click Forgot Password? To reset Core extension to load a new wallet.

For any additional questions, please view our other knowledge base articles or contact a support team member via the chat button. Examples are for illustrative purposes only.

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