Changing Networks

1. To change the Network, click the menu icon in the top left corner of the Core Extension.

2. Select "Network." This will allow you to switch between Mainnet and other networks.

Managing the Address Book

The address book allows one to store wallet addresses that allow access for buying, swapping, and sending/receiving tokens and collectibles.

1. To access the Address Book, click the menu icon in the top-left corner.

2. Click "+" to add an address. These can be named to make sending and receiving assets easier.

3. Enter the name and addresses that need to be associated with that name.

4. To edit or remove an address, click the edit icon (pencil). No one can modify the name or delete the address from the address book.

Important notes:

It is very important to select the correct address as a mistake in the address will result in tokens or collectibles being permanently and irreversibly sent to the wrong person/wallet/exchange.

In the event a wallet needs to be recovered using the Recovery Phrase, users will need to click, “Add Account” to reload any additional accounts that were previously used. Those accounts and corresponding funds will then appear in the list.

Changing Currency

1. Click "Currency" to change the native currency displayed for all wallet assets.

Developer Mode

1. To toggle into Developer mode, select "Advanced" and then toggle on the "Developer Mode" button.


To view if a Ledger device is connected, select "Ledger" to view the status of the connection and version.

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