First, create an Avalanche Wallet here.

There is a built-in NFT minting tool, called the “Studio.” Select it.

Then, create an entirely new NFT by selecting the New Family button.

Next, we define the attributes of our NFT family. In this case, we specify 3 things: Name, Symbol, and Number of Groups. Select the Create button.

Note: # of groups determines how many “sets” of the NFT you would like to create. We will specify later the number of NFTs per set.

Our Collectible family is created! Let’s head back to the Studio to create our NFTs.

Select the Mint Collectible button to start creating your NFT.

Select the newly created Collectible Family.

Enter all of the relevant info for your NFT including: Title, Image URL, Description, and Quantity. Make sure to host your Image URL ( the preview will show a sample of what your NFT looks like. (APNG,GIF, ICO, JPEG, PNG, SVG image formats are allowed). Then select Mint.

You’ve now created your first group of NFTs. You should see a confirmation “success” notification.

Now that we’ve created one group, you’re done! Alternatively, you can go back and create a whole new group of NFTs within the same family anytime.

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