By default, the node’s database is at $HOME/.avalanchego/db If you delete this directory, it will erase the state of your node, including private keys and keystore users.

If there is a new major release (e.g. Everest → Fuji), your node’s state will be reset. Otherwise, upgrading AvalancheGo will not overwrite or destroy your node’s state.

The only data not in this folder is your node’s Staking Key/Certificate. These are in $HOME/.avalanchego/staking by default. If you delete this directory, it will erase your node ID. This will jeopardize your validator reward. If your node is a validator and you delete its staking key, it will no longer be a validator when it restarts.

Upgrading AvalancheGo will never erase or change your Staking Key/Certificate.

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